Heavy duty back workout routine

Wednesday: Back • 3 sets Pullups (view image) • 2 sets Deadlift warm up (view image) • 3 sets Deadlifts (view image) • 3 sets One arm dumbbell rows (view image) • 3 sets Back extensions (view image)

Back and biceps strength training

Wednesday: Back & Biceps • 4 sets Lat pulldowns (view image) • 3 sets Dumbbell bicep curls (view image) • 3 sets cable rows (view image) • 3 sets Barbell curls (view image) • 3 sets Pull-ups or assisted pull-ups (view image)

Core and cardio workout program

core and cardio workout program

The core and cardio workout program is put together to challenge your limits.

This HIIT routine is mainly focussing on your core and legs but your whole body will benefit from this workout.

Pump those arms

pump those arms routine

A workout challenge for you based on only 2 exercises. The intention of this workout routine is to work on the endurance of our muscles.

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Chest workout circuit

chest workout circuit

3 classical chest workout exercises combined into 1 chest workout circuit of 10 heavy minutes.

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