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Core and cardio workout program

core and cardio workout program

The core and cardio workout program is put together to challenge your limits.

This HIIT routine is mainly focussing on your core and legs but your whole body will benefit from this workout.

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Ultimate full body workout

chest muscles

This full body workout routine is great for getting a complete workout in a limited amount of time. Combining both strength training and cardio exercises will give you a great afterburn feeling. This full body workout routine only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The exercises in this workout program can be performed at home or at the park.

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Complete full body workout

Complete full body workout

This complete full body workout is there to work your entire body in a minimum amount of time.
You will work your legs, core and chest mainly but there are more muscles that will get their cut as well.

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Jai Courtney workout regime

jai courtney workout

In this article Jai Courtney shares 5 of his best workout tips for a strong, athletic body together with an explosive bodyweight workout routine.

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Insane 1 minute workout routine


Five of the most intense bodyweight exercises found each other in one single repetition. This brutal routine will burn fat after one rep. Check it out!

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